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Individualized Attention
All our customers receive the maximum attention of our team. Each project is of high and equal importance.
Increases Property Value
Besides protecting you from Ultra Violet rays, the decorative features of our products add to the enhancement of your property.
Attention To Details
The team of experts at MAI Cool Shades focuses on all aspects of engineering and utmost customer satisfaction.
Strong, Durable, Reliable
The products have been designed to resist all climatic conditions and require the least maintenance.

MAI Cool Shades is the pioneer in Saudi Arabia for providing shades areas for your car parking areas, swimming pools, mosques, playgrounds, pavilions and curtains.

The state-of-the-art Cantilever Technology is un-obstructive and makes best use of the space. Our worksmanship and material is guaranteed for years. Moreover, we are present in most of the major towns and can serve you wherever you are located in the Kingdom.

MAI Cool Shades supplies and uses the best available products from manufacturers trusted worldwide. The quality of the components used is of the highest quality and comes with many years of warantee. The installation is done with great precision to ensure durability.

MAI Cool Shades is a renowned name in the industry. We are a prominent supplier of shades across Saudi Arabia at many important venues like Haram Sharief (Makkah), airports, seaports, hospitals, ministries, private companies, villas, malls, beach resorts, schools, agricultural farms, etc in Jeddah, Dammam, Madina, Riyadh and other cities."

Cooltone Shade Cloth
MAI Cool Shades is the sole agent of Alnet Cooltone product range in Saudi Arabia. The range of Cooltone Extra block and Sunblock Shade cloth is the latest, trendsetting design used across the globe.
It is the leading shadenetting brand with excellent product properties. The revolutionary cool shade concept allows heat to escape while blocking UV rays.
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